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Adobe Audition CS5.5 is for recording, mixing, and sound restoration
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ravi jakhar

ravi jakhar Easy to use & it's really very useful.

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Daniel Easy-to-use audio editing software.

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vava I like Adobe Audition.

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anurag It's good.

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bilalaamar A very nice program.

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Kevin BeeWhyAreDee

Kevin BeeWhyAreDee Audition CS6 is the what works Best for me.No Monthly Payments like in the CC Version of Audition. I feel Audition is the #1 Audio Editor for what I use it for. It works with all of my VST Plugins. The Graphic Interface is easy of the Eyes.There will never be another Cool Edit Pro. So this will have to do for now.

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Guest Adobe Audition is rubbish in comparison to Cool Edit Pro.

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Steve Neufeld

Steve Neufeld We have been using Retailiq for about 3 years now, and in many respects it is great, recently however I have tried to access lists of basic customer information and have found that it is simply not available. We have been doing a bit of fax marketing, so we tried to access a list of our clients fax numbers - unfortunately there is no way to access a list, you can only pull them out one at a time. We then tried to print out a list of outstanding sales orders for one of our stores, well unfortunately you can't do that either. The customer support people are very accessible, but the only answer that I seem to get out of them is that the software won't do what I want. They have a user support forum that was recently added, but when i tried to make suggestions, it wouldn't allow me to log in, it gave some kind of an error about trying again later. Overall I would say that the software is good, but they need to do some work.

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Guest No longer supported in Cisco course.

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crystalyoshi Best download manager. That's all I will say. smile

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Guest A very good program to convert from pdf to office document formats

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Guest I am using Adobe Audition 2 on Windows 7 64 bit OK apart from the fact that I can't burn a CD as it doesn't seem to find/recognise my CD/DVD burner, other than this I haven't had a problem

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Murray Nelson

Murray Nelson Cool Edit Pro( Syntrillium) I used since it was shareware. Adobe bought them out. The only good version of AA is 1.5. after that many of its features started to disappear. Unfortunately I paid for upgrade to AA2.0 and the to AA3.0. Cost me $200 U.S. I am sorry I paid Adobe money for a disappearing program.

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Guest audition 1 out of date not compatible with vista. what can I do?

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Janie I have audition 1 also and use Vista. You can buy Audition 3 upgrade from any version (so they say) for $99 but I haven't found out if that will work on Vista. Have you learned any more?

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ochabella good...simple...progarm smile

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