ADLForms 8.8

It provides forms and contracts required by residential Real Estate offices
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ADLForms provides essential forms and contracts required by residential Real Estate offices. ADLForms has been designed to save you the agent, property manager or lessor, time and money, while still providing highly professional looking forms for your business.

With the time saving advantages of ADLForms, forms can be created with a minimum effort and with maximum accuracy. There is no need for shelves of space wasting forms, that are usually well out of date by the time you ever get to use them all up, and with ADLForms you can never actually run out. There is no need for intensive training, as anyone can learn how to use ADLForms in minutes.

-No Internet Required
-Automatic Insertion of Company Details
-On-site Forms Completion
-Corporate/Company Logos
-Forms Completion Assistant
-Print Blank Forms
-Integration From Major Real Estate Packages
-Mail Merge
-Version Control
-Form Conversion
-Save Forms Locally or to Network
-Multiple Registrations/Entities per Computer
-Postal/Street Address Option
-Unlimited Templates
-Emailing Forms
-Print to NSW OFT Forms
-Envelope/Label Printing
-Expandable Condition Reports
-User Editable Lists
-Conjunction Agent Feature
-Date Entry Shortcut Keys
-Automatic Text Formatting
-Auto Field Replication

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