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Unwanted advertisements are definitely a nuisance. They distract your attention, slow down your the work of browser and even consume part of your bandwidth. AdFender can help you avoid these problems by blocking ads and popups. The program supports practically any web browser, and, not only that, it can also protect desktop applications that connect to the Internet, instant messengers and P2P clients.

The tool is very easy to use. After starting, it continues to run from the system tray and a click on its icon can easily toggle filtering on and off. Moreover, if you want to customize your settings, you can open the program’s main window. Probably, the most significant action you can perform there is selecting which filters to use and selectively block sites. In this respect, the program lets you decide: pick one or various filter lists from a group of eleven. Luckily, these lists are updated automatically based on browsing statistics collected by various agencies. In addition, you can also create a set of personalized rules if none of the lists meets your exact needs.

In general, AdFender works quite effectively and you’ll soon notice how ads no longer bother you. As it not only blocks ads but also stops downloading the corresponding data, the amount of Internet traffic is also reduced with an impact on network efficiency. Furthermore, it can remove tracking cookies to protect your privacy as well. The only drawback of using a tool like this is that it may potentially treat standard code as ads, just in that case, webpages can get crippled. However, I have to admit that this hasn’t happened to me up to now.

Pedro Castro
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  • It’s easy to use.
  • It blocks ads and popups.
  • It protects desktop applications, instant messengers and P2P clients.
  • It allows you to customize filters.
  • Filter lists are automatically updated.
  • It can delete tracking cookies.


  • There’s the potential danger that the program confuses standard code with ad code.
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