Ad-Nuke for Craigslist™

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A simple program that allows you to easily flag postings on Craigslist

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Guest Sued by Craigslist for a million dollars and they lost, so had to pay a million to Craigslist.

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Guest They tried very hard to get me to give them money, thanks to the warnings I read all over the Internet I did not loose any money. Their demo is a fake and they try to blame you for any problems.

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ricardo They flag legit craigslist post for a fee. That is illegal and harmful to good people trying to make a buck. Ad nuke plays on greed finding the businessman wanting to take a shortcut to cut out their competition, ad nuke will flag a few post for free and when they grab your money....GOTCHA!

Ad Nuke knows most of the people they rip off wont complain, those people are just as dirty wanting to unfairly/ illegally remove the ads of good people.

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ricardo I tried Ad Nuke to rid our chat board of a spammer, during the free demo all went well but after I sent in $150 they did not respond.


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Scambuster The owner installs a program that lets him see who you are intending to flag (maybe he can see more) and he flags it manually on the demo. After you send in your money its all over, no responses no refunds. If this was a valid flag program CL would have it and patch it, all ad nuke does is manually flag until they got your money.

CNET kicked ad nuke out for a reason.

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