Act of War - Direct Action

Act of War - Direct Action

Act of War: Direct Action is real-time strategy game
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Act of War: Direct Action is real-time strategy game, this title´s plot is based on present day events, describing a conflict that seems to come out of a news tv show rather than a book, despite having the script made by Dale Brown, an American famous writer and columnist who gives his imagination to the development of this game.
In this opportunity you will be able to choose between the side of terrorists or UN forces side and wage a relentless battle with your friends or with other players from the Internet.

A secret organization called 'The Consortium' formed by a series of oil magnates has decided to sponsor a series of terrorist groups whose aim is to destabilize the world economy, trying to achieve their own interests.
You're in charge of a special force made up of veterans and young soldiers on one side and on the other side you can choose to play the party of the terrorists. Whatever side you choose, your goal is to end the opposing side using your resources.
A remarkable thing is the graphics, the recreation of actual weapons and vehicles as the Comanche helicopter or the famous B2, invisible to radar. At any given time has been sought to provide a full set of absolute realism from the development of the story to the geographic location of the stage.
In addition, the sound effects are excellent, you will feel as if you were inside a real war.

María Noel Balla
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  • Incredible plot.
  • You can play the multiplayer mode game.
  • Excellent graphics and sound effects


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