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Creating a professional looking logo is a child’s play with the AAA Logo Design Software. This is a graphic editing software optimized for creating only logos. Of course, you may use Photoshop, but the number of its tools is large and confusing.

AAA Logo has a great interface. It has got a huge collection of shapes which can be mixed together with any gradient color to create a banner or logo. The shapes use vector graphics. They can be scaled to any size without losing the curve or detail. All the shapes, icons and signs are in color. After placing them on the screen, you can add textures, gradients, etc. You may customize the one from the database, create a new one or even add from an external file.

In the beginning, we are presented with some examples. You can start with editing one of them. No extra resources have been found on the developer's website. But I hope that they will add more shapes or icons that can be installed as an add-on to the program.

Those who have used other graphics software may find it difficult to select a new object from the toolbox, because, whatever shape you select, it replaces the old one. Click on the ‘Object’ menu, then choose new image or new text. That is the only way.

I really liked using the program. I haven’t found any similar software. For 49.95 USD this is a good application.

Zack Martin
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  • User-friendly interface.
  • Fair price.
  • Easy to edit


  • Editing can be confusing for the novice
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