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AAa Logo will help you to buil your own logos and business cards
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AAA Logo is software designed to help you build your own logos and business cards without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars for it. The program provides a point-and-click environment and a library of professionally designed logo templates that enable anyone to design a state-of-the-art logo in mouse clicks.

The logo templates library puts at your disposal over two thousands vectorial objects. They can be resized up to any desired size, and as there are so many available, you have most chances to find what you're looking for.

Once you have added an object to your design, it has to be customized. The program uses an intuitive WYSIWYG editing approach, that allows full control over the design, without requiring you to have any editing experience. You can add outlines, shadows, gradient overlays or change its color. If you already have a background designed for your company, there's no problem! You can import custom graphics, and AAA Logo supports seven file types for this. Once your logo is done, you can save it in .gif, .jpeg, .png formats or high-resolution printing with 300/600 DPI resolution.

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  • Very easy to use interface


  • You can't design new objects or change the existing ones
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