7 Quick Fix

7 Quick Fix

7 Quick Fix will solve Windows 7 issues when you select a given button
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7 Quick Fix is a program that offers buttons specially titled with the specific Windows 7 issue that the program will fix when you click on them. The program has six different windows where it will show you ways to solve different categories of problems, just by clicking on the right button. In the "Enable/Disable" window, it will allow users to enable or disable some of your Windows features, like the Task Manager, Registry Editor, Command Prompt, Folder Options, Control Panel, Display Properties, UAC, etc. These functions could have been disabled (or enabled) as the result of a problem in your computer, or by you, on purpose. But 7 Quick Fix will put the things as you like, again. "Restore Missing Stuff" will let you recover things that your Windows does not show anymore, like some DVD drives, Icons and defaults. "Performance" will let you enhance the speed of your system, by applying some tweaks. "Errors and Crashes" will fix many common errors. "Tweaks" will add some possibilities that Windows does not offer, like adding options to the menus, change some icons, etc. "Associations" will let you manage the list of associations, letting you choose the program that your system will open when working with a given file. The program is a nice tool, that will be very useful if you have no big problems. In the worst of the cases, it will not cause any harm.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free.
  • It offers a simple way to deal with a lot of common issues


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